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Pedestal - ballast - PLAST BLOCK - 28 kg

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This heavy base made of recycled plastic, with its various openings, is ideal for all types of construction site fences,... Read more

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      This heavy base made of recycled plastic, with its various openings, is ideal for all types of construction site fences, traffic signs, beacons, etc. Easily stackable with sturdy handles.

      These can also be used as ballast blocks for our advertising trailers, as well as as a base and extra weight for our other trailers.

      Technical information

      • Opening 1: 2x square 40 x 40 mm
      • Opening 2: 1x square 60 x 60 mm
      • Opening 3: 2 x round Ø 43 mm
      • Made from 100% recycled PVC
      • High level of finish without sharp edges
      • Ideal for heavy construction site fences. road signs. beacons...
      • Equipped with two robust handles
      • Easily stackable
      • Other openings possible on request
      • 30 pieces per pallet
      • Can be used for advertising panels

      Additional information

      The 'PLASTOBLOK' pedestal 28 kg is the heaviest pedestal in our range. It is indispensable on every site for installing signage that improves safety. Furthermore, this pedestal can of course also be used at large events or in the catering industry.

      Its heavier weight provides extra stability during windy weather so that advertising vehicles stay firmly in place. The biggest advantage of this beacon base is the number of different standard openings. This makes it versatile and you only need one type of base for all types of applications.

      The 'PLASTOBLOK' 28 kg pedestal is resistant to all weather conditions; but keep in mind that at colder temperatures all plastic becomes fragile and needs to be handled a little more carefully. They are easily stackable and therefore take up little space when you need to store them.

      Each base has 2 handles on the side so that it can be quickly placed or removed. Please note, this base exceeds the reference mass, set at 25 kg by both EN 1005-2 (2003 - annex C) and KB Collective Labor Agreement Construction Industry 2006, which must be respected for professional use. This means that any load above 25 kg must be handled by two people.

      Due to its extra stability and the different openings, the 'PLASTOBLOK' 28 kg pedestal is ideal for any use.

      Pros and cons

      • Compact
      • sturdy
      • high ballast

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