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Wat voor aanhangwagen mag ik trekken met de auto?

What kind of trailer can I tow with the car?

, by O. V., 1 min reading time

Which trailer you are allowed to tow is determined by the certificate of conformity (COC certificate) of your car. This certificate states the Maximum Allowable Mass (MTM) that you are allowed to tow. A distinction is made between a trailer with or without brakes, this is the so-called 'braked towing capacity' and 'unbraked towing capacity' of your vehicle.

With an unbraked trailer (MTM <751kg) you must therefore pay attention to the stated value of the 'unbraked towing capacity' of your car.


If the unbraked towing capacity of your vehicle is 750kg - so the legal maximum value - then you are of course allowed to tow a trailer with a total weight (= trailer + load) of up to 750kg.

For example, if the unbraked towing capacity of your vehicle is 500kg, you may load as much as the difference between 500kg and the weight of your trailer.
If your trailer weighs 200kg, there is 300kg left that you are legally allowed to load, regardless of the fact that your trailer itself may have a MAM of 750kg.

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