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  • Sale -17% Anti-theft set Novio + AL-KO

    AL-KO Anti-theft set Novio + AL-KO

    Why buy this set? This anti-theft set protects your trailer when it is connected and when it is disconnected at home. Always safe! Included 1x Novio drawbar lock bag model (drawbar cover + spindle) 1x Discussion slot 2x key 1x AL-KO safety ball Some more explanation With this set you can secure your trailer when it is connected to the car using the drawbar lock. When your trailer is uncoupled, place the AL-KO safety ball in the opening of the coupling and lock it using the Novio drawbar lock.


  • AL-KO Safety Ball

    AL-KO AL-KO Safety Ball

    Suitable for securing your trailer when it is disconnected. The AL-KO Safety Ball is inserted into the opening of the ball coupling of the disconnected trailer. After closing with a lock or other anti-theft protection, the Safety Ball is secured against quick removal. This makes it practically impossible to quickly hang the trailer on a hook or unscrewed tow ball and drive away with it. Included 1x AL-KO safety ball red Options Drawbar lock: combine the AL-KO safety ball with a drawbar lock saddle cover for the best protection


  • Wheel clamp - yellow - wheels 13 to 16 inches - with steel disc

    ProPlus Wheel clamp - yellow - wheels 13 to 16 inches - with steel disc

    The best protection against theft of your car, caravan or trailer. Quick and easy to apply. Suitable for aluminum, plastic and steel rims. Characteristics Color yellow Suitable for wheels from 13" to 16" Suitable for maximum wheel width of 215 mm With security lock incl. 3 keys 💡Top tip! Always remove the wheel clamp before driving!


  • DoubleLock - Van Lock - anti-theft van door lock

    DoubleLock DoubleLock - Van Lock - anti-theft van door lock

    Leave your professional light freight or van safe with this original DoubleLock Van Lock lock to secure the back door or hatch of vans. This way, expensive work materials cannot be stolen through the rear doors. Characteristics Suitable for almost any type of bus and van with a towbar No installation of accessories required Locked within five seconds Supplied with five keys. Included Original DoubleLock Van Lock red Including disc lock 60mm brand DoubleLock with keys Trying out? 💡 RTOO tip : Come visit us and try out the Van Lock on your vehicle or van if you are unsure.


  • Sale -14% Wheel clamp - DoubleLock Compact Buffalo - red - with LED key

    DoubleLock Wheel clamp - DoubleLock Compact Buffalo - red - with LED key

    Universal wheel clamp for steel rims. Two pins hook into the holes in the rim. The rim must have holes or slots into which the pins can hook. These wheel clamps are often combined with a coupling lock for the ultimate security of your trailer or caravan. Characteristics No tools required for installation Can be applied within 10 seconds Striking security through signal color SCM approved for Dutch customers SCM number: MS012118 Suitable for caravan, boat trailer and trailer Included Original DoubleLock Wheel Clamp Buffalo RED SCM 4 keys 1 key with LED lighting Self-adhesive protective foam for the rim


  • Drawbar lock

    Novio Drawbar lock

    Why a drawbar lock? Drawbar lock type saddlebag to prevent the trailer from being disconnected from the vehicle. This lock can also be used when the trailer is disconnected. Included In original packaging 1x Novio drawbar lock hood with spindle 1x discussion lock 2x keys Option AL-KO safety ball: safely close the coupling at the bottom when the drawbar lock is attached. Specification Novio Trailer Lock



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