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  • Sale -14% Wheel clamp - DoubleLock Compact Buffalo - red - with LED key

    DoubleLock Wheel clamp - DoubleLock Compact Buffalo - red - with LED key

    Universal wheel clamp for steel rims. Two pins hook into the holes in the rim. The rim must have holes or slots into which the pins can hook. These wheel clamps are often combined with a coupling lock for the ultimate security of your trailer or caravan. Characteristics No tools required for installation Can be applied within 10 seconds Striking security through signal color SCM approved for Dutch customers SCM number: MS012118 Suitable for caravan, boat trailer and trailer Included Original DoubleLock Wheel Clamp Buffalo RED SCM 4 keys 1 key with LED lighting Self-adhesive protective foam for the rim


  • Fristom LED FT-270 - left

    Fristom Fristom LED FT-270 - left

    Premium LED lighting from the brand Fristom which you often find on current European trailers (Saris, Humbaur, etc.) Lighting functions Tail light Indicator right Traffic light Fog light Technical information 5-pin bayonet connector (as with Aspöck lighting cables) Built-in CAN bus detection ( what is this? ) Built-in license plate lighting What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED? You can find the answer via this link .


  • Sale -17% Anti-theft set Novio + AL-KO

    AL-KO Anti-theft set Novio + AL-KO

    Why buy this set? This anti-theft set protects your trailer when it is connected and when it is disconnected at home. Always safe! Included 1x Novio drawbar lock bag model (drawbar cover + spindle) 1x Discussion slot 2x key 1x AL-KO safety ball Some more explanation With this set you can secure your trailer when it is connected to the car using the drawbar lock. When your trailer is uncoupled, place the AL-KO safety ball in the opening of the coupling and lock it using the Novio drawbar lock.


  • Professional trailer net - 300x200cm - with elastic

    Novio Professional trailer net - 300x200cm - with elastic

    Professional elastic trailer net with a length of 300cm and a width of 200cm to cover the top of your trailer when transporting green waste and light material, for example. With a net on your trailer you are legally compliant if you transport loose goods. Characteristics black elastic all around mesh size 30 x 30 mm You can hook the net to, for example, the ladder rack, or to the tie-down hooks at the bottom of the trailer. 💡 RTOO tip : choose the length and width of the net at least 50cm more than the outside dimensions of the box of your trailer.


  • Sale -31% Spare wheel support

    Novio Spare wheel support

    Universal spare wheel support suitable for 4-5 hole rims, with a diameter of 13 to 15 inches. This spare wheel holder can be mounted on both wooden boards (with wood bolts) and on the chassis of the trailer itself (with self-tapping screws). Specific mounting equipment is not included. An opening is provided on the front protrusion to place a disc lock or similar. This way you can protect the spare wheel against theft. Discussion lock not included. This is suitable for mounting on a trailer, boat trailer and horse trailers. Technical information Distance of mounting holes center to center: 188 x 130 mm Most suitable for rim size 4x100 and 5x112 The spare wheel support can be locked with a lock (not included) Material: Galvanized steel Included Spare wheel support galvanized 2x carriage bolt M12x26 2x hexagon nut, self-locking M12x1.75 💡OTOO TIP Temporarily mount your spare wheel on the support before drilling holes in the wooden boards or chassis


  • Diagnostic lighting - 7-pin - trailer plug - car socket

    Diagnostic lighting - 7-pin - trailer plug - car socket

    Trailer tester suitable for 7 and 13 pin sockets and trailer lighting plugs that operate on 12 volts. Easily diagnose a defective wire or broken circuit of the lighting at both the car socket and the trailer plug. Characteristics Male and female side Suitable for 12V lighting circuits Suitable for all 7-pin car sockets as standard Suitable for 7 pin trailer lighting plug as standard With an adapter it can also be used on a 13-pin car socket and trailer lighting plug Operates on a 9 volt battery Not included Excluding 9 volt battery Keywords Socket tester, 7-pin tester, lighting tester


  • Auxiliary coupling - 3 in 1 - trailer part - with plug holder

    Novio Auxiliary coupling - 3 in 1 - trailer part - with plug holder

    3 in 1: Auxiliary link Support for drawbar Holder for the lighting cable plug This auxiliary coupling trailer part with plug holder for a 7-pin or 13-pin plug. This part is mounted on the drawbar of the trailer, at the bottom of the box section to which the coupling is bolted. Normally the same nuts and bolts of the existing coupling can be reused. This auxiliary coupling is on the rise because it has a support at the bottom for trailers that do not have a support wheel. This lower support prevents the coupling (and lighting cable) from dragging or falling against the ground.


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